Infants: 7-12 Months

Little Angels Learning CenterLittle Angels Learning Center

OBJECTIVE: Create awareness for sight, sound, touch, movement, sit-up, crawl and walk.

NEEDS: Bright and roomy environment.

CURRICULUM: Develop large motor muscles, singing songs, colors, shapes, sensory and reading stories.

CENTER PROVIDES: Formula, cereal, fruit and vegetables.

PARENT PROVIDES: Instructions for infant’s care and feeding. Diapers, wipes, 2 sets of clothes, small blanket, pacifier, bottles or sippy cups and a diaper bag.

PLEASE: All items need to be labeled with child’s name.

We clean and sanitize as needed during the day and before each teacher goes home. Each infant will be sent home with a daily report of meal times, diaper changes, nap times and any new event the parents may want to know about. Your infant will advance to the next classroom when the Director deems appropriate.